Graphic Design - Swim Good

Graphic Design Experiments

A series of graphic design and photo manipulation projects using Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and some of my initial photography.

Shortcuts+ Mobile App

I designed and built a simple mobile app to let me learn the shortcuts to some of my favorite programs.
Responsive Web Design


Given my infatuation with lyrical quotes, I created a modern interface for users to discover and interact with their favorite lyric food for thought.
Typography - Years Alesso

Typography Experiments

Various typography and design projects in Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D heavily inspired my music lyrical quotes.
The Ri - Music Album Design

Nvr Go 2a Party with The Ri

This is perhaps where I’m most at home. ‘Touring’ with a band and creating and producing all the including music videos, concert and promotional photography, website, and promotional cover art.
On Top Promotions - Event Photography, Design, Film - Mayowa Ojo

On Top Promotions

Initially started as a web design client from my role with Internet Marketing Scotland, the next thing you know I was driving up and down Scotland photographing and filming MMA fighters.