Long drive with your frineds travel video - Mayowa Ojo

Long Drive with Your Friends

To tell the story of that cliche “once in a lifetime experience” I filmed a travel video over some months to the melancholy track, Long Drive with Your Friends by Skrillex
If I Rsie - UNNC Sunrise Timelapse, Mayowa Ojo

If I Rise — UNNC Sunrise Timelapse

An exploratory look into creating timelapses. This film took four months, staying up till sunrise, leaving my dorm room to setup at various locations around campus during my time as a student in China.
The Ri - Music Album Design

Nvr Go 2a Party with The Ri

This is perhaps where I’m most at home. ‘Touring’ with a band and creating and producing all the including music videos, concert and promotional photography, website, and promotional cover art.
On Top Promotions - Event Photography, Design, Film - Mayowa Ojo

On Top Promotions

Initially started as a web design client from my role with Internet Marketing Scotland, the next thing you know I was driving up and down Scotland photographing and filming MMA fighters.