Chasing Summers — An Epic Travel Timelapse

2012 Ningbo, Hangzhou – China. Kolkata, Goa, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi – India. Glasgow, Scotland and various airports

Music by Tiësto – Chasing Summers – Club Life, Volume Two: Miami

How do you capture 25 flights in 4 months across 5 countries? The people, the places, the memories. You can start with 85GB of travel timelapse footage, but that doesn’t begin to do it justice.

My 3rd and final installment in my exploratory series into timelapses, Chasing Summers was something of a philosophy that emerged as I saw how my summer was shaping up to be. It was my last few months in Asia, my last free summer as a student, and a time when I arrived at a checkpoint as an aspiring photographer.

Locations include Ningbo and Hangzhou – China, Kolkata, Goa, Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi – India, Albuquerque, Glasgow, and the Scottish Highlands, as well as Beijing, LAX, and Hong Kong Airports.

Many thanks to the various people that accommodated me throughout the project. It couldn’t have been easy traveling with someone who wakes you up at 3AM to shoot the sunrise! The people I traveled with, the many strangers’ whose rooftops I ended up on, and the ones who kept me company during the lengthy hours!

The philosophy lives on.
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Canon 5D MII 24-105mm lens + tripods one of which fell off my travel bag on Air India.
Magic lantern for the final scenes, cause my intervalometer broke after I left it in the same pouch as shower gel on the final flight!
Grading in Adobe Speedgrade.