Long Drive with Your Friends

2012 Kolkata, Goa, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi – India. Ningbo, China

Music by Skrillex – With Your Friends (Long Drive), Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP

I always prepare a long dialogue for these videos but end up saying very little, so, SPEECH.

Who’d thought the route we chose would ever end up this scenic Drake

I had the idea for this travel video January-February 2012 and shortly after the track became one of my top 5 most played tracks in my media player, as I started fleshing out the video in my mind. I began gathering footage from various events across the months. The cream of the pie was our trip to India! Initially the trip included Tibet and Nepal, however, Tibet is stingy with their visas.. so that cancel Nepal as well. The most challenging part of the trip was deciding whether to record, take a picture, or shoot a timelapse!

Anyhow, quite remarkable how through a series of events we wind up with people from across various corners of the planet, and they have a lasting impact in our years to come. Many thanks to those that have shaped my life in one way or the other over the last year.