Far East Movement: China

2011 – 2012 Ningbo, Shanghai, Beijing, Zunyi – China

I spent a year abroad in China, where the people and culture proved to be an incredible window into the world of photography. I managed to take some 26,000+ photographs and kept even more memories. Take a look at the extensive collection on Flickr.

Some Nights in Ningbo, Zhejiang China Timelapse

Signs of Life

During a photo essay workshop by Shannon Lovell we visited a then went to a local village within walking distance of our school. The village is a small community of displaced migrant workers, that relocated during the construction of UNNC. The photo essay highlights the contrast between a desolated village, and people who continue to live there.




You don’t know China till you know Zunyi.

I was invited to celebrate Chinese New Year hosted by a family in the small city of Zunyi located in Guizhou province.