If I Rsie - UNNC Sunrise Timelapse, Mayowa Ojo

If I Rise — UNNC Sunrise Timelapse

An exploratory look into creating timelapses. This film took four months, staying up till sunrise, leaving my dorm room to setup at various locations around campus during my time as a student in China.
Graphic Design - Swim Good

Graphic Design Experiments

A series of graphic design and photo manipulation projects using Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and some of my initial photography.

Shortcuts+ Mobile App

I designed and built a simple mobile app to let me learn the shortcuts to some of my favorite programs.
Responsive Web Design


Given my infatuation with lyrical quotes, I created a modern interface for users to discover and interact with their favorite lyric food for thought.
Tea & Constraints Mayowa Ojo Travel Blog

Tea with Constraints

I once commented that “The hipster in me wants a tea collection only rivaled by my wine collection.” Here is why.
Typography - Years Alesso

Typography Experiments

Various typography and design projects in Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D heavily inspired my music lyrical quotes.